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  February 7, 2003:


2nd Meeting (Delft): February 7, 2003

Niels Reijers

An overview of our current thinking on what common characteristics will be typical of wireless sensor network applications, and what sort of communication patterns this implies. Also contains a proposal for a traffic generator for simulating typical WSN traffic.


Tijs van Dam

Simulation results indicating that the effect of communication patterns that emerge in wireless sensor networks is relevant to the design of the MAC layer.


Lodewijk van Hoesel

The current state of the TDMA based MAC protocol for the EYES sensor nodes.


Stefan Dulman

A template to create OMNeT simulations of wireless sensor networks. Contains support for mobility and any number of protocol layers in the sensor node. See also: Stefan's Page


Last update: Niels Reijers, February 20, 2003